Quick Cheap Getaways

Everyone can use quick cheap getaways. Whether it's taking a break from the stress of your job, or looking for a romantic weekend away, now is a great time to consider booking your perfect quick weekend getaways. Less than stellar economic news means that many travelers are foregoing the traditional long vacations and are staying closer to home with their families. People who once traveled extensively are now putting off their vacations so they can weather the economic storm. Quick getaways are a great stress-relieving tool, and a vacation doesn't have to be hugely expensive and time consuming. You can have quick getaways to some of the best resorts in the world, all within a few hours of your home.

Where To Find

The first thing that you'll need to do when considering taking quick cheap getaways is research which options are best. Travel agents often offer good rates and great advice for budget-conscious travelers, but the Internet remains the best source for all things travel related. Websites such as Priceline©, Hotwire©, and Travelocity© are just a few of those that offer great travel deals. Many of those websites partner with hotels to offer short weekend package deals, meaning that you can often find a great hotel for the same price you would pay for a roadside motel.

Use websites like those mentioned to find package deals for hotels, rental cars, and even room upgrades. With fewer people traveling now than nearly any time in the past decade, hotels are increasingly willing to use these affiliate sites to market their unsold rooms. After you've made your decision, always ask if there are upgrades available. If it means that they'll get your business, many hotels will accommodate your request.

Travel blogs are another great source of information. Websites with experienced travelers will often be the first to advertise great deals, and for that reason you should always consider them when planning your trip. Best of all, they often offer advice on where to stay, how long you should stay, and they often even review the hotel for you.

Where To Go

The best, least expensive quick cheap getaways are often to resorts that many people consider tourist traps. In the United States, resort areas such as Gatlinburg, Tennessee or Niagara Falls are typically very hard hit by economic slowdowns, mainly because their typical visitor is the middle class traveler. Traditionally, the middle class traveler is the first to stop taking vacations in order to save money, and the resort areas are often happy to have the business and will make great room price offers.

Quick cheap getaways don't have to be something to fear. You can find quick getaways to some of the world's best resorts without having to pay an arm and a leg for the privilege. Quick weekend getaways are easy when you know how to ask for what you want, how to travel on a budget, and most importantly when to travel.

Resort areas such as DisneyWorld©, DIsneyLand©, and other major amusement parks are great ways to spend a weekend if you want an inexpensive getaway. Many of these theme resorts such as Six Flags© will offer deals to those wishing to travel during tough economic times. Because resorts such as these suffer when fewer people travel, they often take drastic measures to get guests into their parks. Many resorts will offer deeply discounted hotel rates if you buy at least two tickets to their amusement park, while others will allow you to stay free of charge if you spend more than 3 days there.

Money Saving Tips

Saving money takes more than just researching the best prices. It's about efficiency. If you're taking quick weekend getaways, you can combine different things into your trip. Instead of taking big shopping trips every few months, try taking your family with you. Quick weekend getaways within a few hours of your home often have great shopping for visitors. Resort areas especially may have great shopping, and their prices often drop during their sales as well during tough economic times.

Quick getaways don't have to empty your wallet. The family will appreciate a few smaller trips over one big one. Major vacations are expensive, time consuming, and often exhausting. Quick cheap getaways have a few advantages over traditional longer vacations. They are less expensive, and quick getaways often don't require flying to your destination. That means less stress for you on your way to your destination. If you're taking a quick weekend getaway for less money than a normal vacation, you aren't as likely to attempt to overdo it and visit all the sites during your trip. You'll have a less harried and more relaxed vacation if you just take quick weekend getaways.

Always try to choose your destination carefully, and time your quick weekend getaways to be during the off-season. During these times, the resorts are less busy and are more likely to grant upgrades or offer cheaper prices. Off-season travel is a great way to save money without sacrificing the length of quality of your vacation. If you're traveling abroad, there are a few quick ways to determine peak and off-season times. If you're going to the southern hemisphere, remember that the seasons are exactly opposite those from the northern hemisphere. The southern summer runs from roughly November to February, and can be very hot, and it is the primary off-peak season for travel to those countries. Prices for peak and off-peak travel can vary by as much as 75 percent, which is a great money saver.

Regardless of when and where you decide to travel, always make sure that you are doing what's best for your family. Even if you have to wait an extra 3 months to save enough money to go, the kids will enjoy themselves much more if you're not constantly worried over money. The whole family will have a far better experience, one that they'll be anxious to repeat again and again.

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