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For any celebrity hound or movie buff, a dream vacation idea should include Hollywood location tours. If you vacation in the Hollywood or Los Angeles area, location tours can include the usual Universal Studios tours, which are fun for the whole family. This type of tour is not all there is to Hollywood locations tours, however.

Believe it or not, Hollywood location tours are not only located in Hollywood, California. You will most likely be surprised at the variety of tours available and where you may find them. Read on to discover what the best Hollywood location tours can encompass, where to find them, and what you can expect to see.

LA City Tours

This company is based in Los Angeles and offers a variety of location tours. The most popular choices are their tours of Movie Star Homes. These tours range from only 2 hours up to 5 ½ hours, depending on your wanting to see other sights, as well. The shortest tour includes the homes of 45 stars, as well as the famous Hollywood sign, Mulholland and Rodeo Drives, and a run down the Sunset Strip.

All the tours that LA City Tours offer are a very affordable choice for your vacation with the popular 2 hour Movie Stars Homes tour costing only $36 per adult. For those that want an all-in-one locations tour vacation, LA City Tours also offers several complete package deals such as the 6-day/5 nights Los Angeles Tour Package. This deal covers everything but food, including trips to Universal Studios, Disneyland, and their deluxe city/movie star tour. Prices start at $539 per adult.

For more details or booking information, call 1-888-800-7878 or visit their convenient website at http://www.lacitytours.com.

Hollywood Trolley & Movie Stars Homes Tour

Ride an old fashioned trolley while enjoying an hour-long tour of historical Hollywood sights, and then spend the next 2 - 3 hours seeing where the stars live in the hills of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. On this tour, you will see up to 50 celebrity homes, with perhaps a celebrity spotting or two along the way. These tours are scheduled several times daily (except on Mondays), and they offer discounts for purchasing tickets at their website, http://www.hollywoodtours.us.

Hollywood Tours also offers several other options for tours with some including hotel pick-up for your convenience. Whether you want a walking tour like the Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes tour, or the huge Los Angeles Grand Tour & Movie Stars Homes Tour, this website has location tours to suit everyone's time and budget.

Hollywood Location Walk Of Old Wilmington

Wilmington, North Carolina has a strong claim when it calls itself “one of America's largest living film sets.” After the dozens of movies that have been made there over the years, many locations and actual movie sets can be seen on this tour. See where Sleeping With The Enemy, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and Weekend at Bernie's were filmed along with many more great films.

The 1 ½ hour walking tour will show you film locations, movie sets, and the hot spots where the stars hung out while in town. With well over 400 film and television shows filmed in Wilmington, the city generates more film income than any other American cities except for New York and Los Angeles. This just goes to show you that Hollywood location tours don't actually have to take place in Hollywood.

These location tours are offered four days a week and are so popular that they sell out quickly. To guarantee a spot on a tour for the day you want, they strongly recommend that you make reservations or purchase your tickets in advance. These tours are extremely affordable, currently $12 for adults, so they are really a great option for film buffs on vacation in this area.

For more information on the tour or to purchase tickets, visit the website at http://www.hollywoodnc.com. You can also make a reservation by phone at (910) 794-7177,

On Location Tours

A unique tour service found in Washington, D.C. will give you a chance to see the district's most famous movie related locations, from Union Station to Georgetown. With local actors for guides, the tour stops at more than 30 locations including the steps from The Exorcist and the bar found in St. Elmo's Fire. This is one of the newest offerings by the company that is already very popular in New York City.

On Location Tours offers several location tours in New York City, with the two most popular being the Sex and the City hotspots and the Sopranos sites. Fans of either of these television shows would be ecstatic to see the over 40 different sites included in these two tours. Advanced ticket purchase is required for all the tours offered by this company as they sell out quickly. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit their website at http://www.screentours.com

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