Short Orlando Vacations

It may not sound like it, but you can take a short term vacation in Orlando, Florida for just a few days. It may not always be possible, time wise or expense wise, to take a one or two week vacation. Thatís ok, though, as there are many short vacation ideas you can do in Orlando, Florida. You will also be able to take advantage of many specials and deals on tickets and accommodations.

Orlando Sea World

One of the best places to visit in Orlando, Florida is Sea World. Kids and adults alike will love a few days at this wonderful park, where there is lots to see and do. Sea World is part zoo and part theme park, but the emphasis is definitely on the animals. For thrill seekers, enjoy such rides as the Kraken, Journey to Atlantis, and Wild Arctic. There are numerous attractions for animal lovers, as well.

At Sea World, you will experience dramatic whale and dolphin shows, many of which use animals that have been rescued from the sea. Children will have a blast with all the animal encounters, from petting or even feeding a beautiful dolphin. Dolphin Cove is an interactive attraction where kids can feed and pet the bottlenose dolphins of the park. Not only is Sea World a fun experience, it is also a learning one, and kids will get a kick out of these huge but gentle creatures.

Short term vacation rental properties can also be found in the surrounding areas of Sea World. Since Sea World is right in the middle of Disney World and Universal Studios, you will be able to find accommodations to fit any budget. Visit http://orlandovacationrentals.com/images/promobanner.jpg for property pictures and descriptions. You can find vacation rentals in the area of Kissimmee, as well as competitive pricing in the area of Lake Buena Vista.

Universal Studios

More short term vacation ideas include a two-to-three day trip to Universal Studios. You can visit the two parks that make up Universal Studios, as well as the downtown area. There are many ticket specials that include all the parks, and you can choose from one to two day passes and up.

Universal Studios is the main theme park. This park is based on many hit movies made by Universal, and you can experience some of the most exciting theme rides in the country. Check out many popular back stage props, including the ones for Spiderman, Twister, and Jaws. For movie lovers, Universal Studios is the place to visit.

For more excitement, visit Islands of Adventure, right next door to Universal Studios. Journey through Jurassic Park and you will feel as if you are in the movie yourself. Kids and adults alike will love Toon Lagoon, a place to eat and see Disney characters like Pluto and Popeye. The Incredible Hulk roller coaster towers into the sky and should not be overlooked by roller coaster lovers. Kids will love the various themes that this park offers. No matter what you are into, youíre sure to enjoy Islands of Adventure.

If you need an Orlando short term vacation rental, then you can find one about 20 minutes away from Universal Studios. Youíll find some good information at http://moremouse.com. However, there are still many hotels located around the parks, many found on International Drive. Anyone can find one within their budget, especially if you are only planning on staying a day or two.

Day Trips In Orlando

The best thing about taking a short term Orlando vacation is that there are many attractions that you can just take the day to visit. Love space? Then check out the Kennedy Space Center, located about 45 minutes from Orlando on an island nearly eight times the size of New York City. You can tour NASAís launch and landing facilities, experience simulators that are interactive, and see for yourself just how huge the rockets of NASA really are.

Take a tour on Titanic-The Experience and walk thorough a full-scale reenactment of the most famous rooms on the ill-fated ship. Your tour will be guided by a knowledgeable expert, and you can stand on the shipís promenade deck and gaze at the beautiful night. This attraction is over 15,000 square feet, with 17 rooms and over 200 real artifacts.

Orlando offers many attractions that are great for short term vacation ideas. Spend a day at the Fun Spot Action Park, Pirates Dinner Adventure, Cypress Gardens, Daytona USA, Orlando History Center, and much, much more. You can also purchase the Go Orlando Go card, a special discount card that allows you to purchase a card that gets you into 50 different attractions within a one to seven day time period. With this one-time low priced card, you can have unlimited admission to dozens of the hottest events in Orlando, Florida. No matter what you or your family enjoys, youíll find it in Orlando!

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