Adventure Vacations in Alaska

Alaska adventure vacations are adventures where people can commune with and enjoy nature and the wilderness. Many people choose Alaska adventure vacations as their vacation destination because of the wide variety of outdoor activities. Alaska has 356 million acres that are filled with adventures. If you like the outdoors and exciting adventures, then an Alaska adventure vacation would be a perfect place for you to go. If you're not an active person and you don't enjoy adventures such as ice climbing, hiking, kayaking, or exploring the outdoors, then you probably wouldn't want to take an Alaska adventure vacation.

Top Alaska Adventures

Alaska is considered the United States, last frontier. Once known as Seward,s Folly, the fortunes for the country and the state turned when gold and oil reserves were discovered. But beyond that, Alaska is just a magnificent and beautiful adventure destination. With mountain peaks and valleys, ice caps, the famous Mt. McKinley, sled dogs, and majestic lakes, it is no wonder why Alaska still holds the distinction and charm of being the backdrop of the United States. An Alaska adventure vacation is recognized as one of the hot items in budget adventure travel.

There are various itineraries and events that you can organize in Alaska. The Alaska Heritage Tours (http://www.alaskaheritagetours.com/) has pre-packaged tours and destinations that are flexible enough to meet your preference. Alaska Heritage Tours celebrates the tradition and history of Alaska along with the wide range of adventure expeditions. Alaska Heritage Tours features trips to the Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Prince William Sound. These three destinations are the most notable tourist spots in Alaska. The Denali National Park has Mt. McKinley, the highest point in the United States. The park is also a declared international biosphere reserve, with all 6 million acres preserved for the wildlife, which includes grizzly bears, gray wolf, lynx, wolverines, beavers, and more.

The Kenai Fjords National Park is located in the Kenai Peninsula near Seward town. You can take a day tour on a boat or go around the peninsula with an adventure travel cruise. On the east end of the Kenai Peninsula, you will find Prince William Sound, a large inlet with a series of natural coves and tidewater glaciers, making it a great spot for adventure walking and kayaking. Alaska Heritage Tours offers these destinations in three packages - the Alaska Grand Explorer which will take 10 days and 9 nights, a national park rail tour for 8 days and 7 nights, and a glaciers and peaks tour for 7 days and 5 nights.

Extreme Alaska Adventure Vacations

If planned Alaska adventure vacations are not appealing enough for you, why not ditch the itinerary and make your own schedule? The true adventure traveler goes where the wind takes him. With the secured grounds provided by Alaska,s national parks, the right gear, and the detailed hiking trails, you will see the best of Alaska without risking much danger. After a long trip, enjoy the fine accommodations of your choice Alaska adventure vacation.

Set out from the main camp and trek through the rivers, forest, and mountains. Kayak your way into designated spots, or take a wildlife cruise that will take you between towering mountains. There are remote wilderness lodges that you can go to if you are stuck somewhere in the middle of your travel adventure. Alaska,s national parks have a sufficient support system for adventure travelers to feel safe throughout their trip.

Cross Border Alaska Adventure Trips

Another ideal approach to complete your Alaska adventure vacation is to take a canoe and explore the borders of the Yukon Territory up to Dawson, Fairbanks, and Anchorage. Adventure Alaska Tours (http://www.adventurealaskatours.com/yukoncanoe.htm) will help arrange the canoe trip for you. Starting from the Yukon River, the peaceful downstream ride may take you four days to complete the route. Between paddling the canoe and enjoying the scenery, you can stop for picnics or hike on the mountain trails.

During night stays, you can spend time at Dawson in Canada or in Eagle, Alaska. These towns were a main part of the Alaska gold rush that increased the relevance of the state to most of the United States. From Dawson, you can follow the route of the great Alaskan explorer Roald Amundson. This 9 day Alaska adventure vacation has every aspect for a multi-faceted trip - culture, history, wildlife, and thrilling adventure.

Other Alaska Adventure Vacations And Activities

The Denali, Yukon, Kenai Fjords, and Prince William Sound are four of the most popular adventure destinations in Alaska. Even so, these are just a small part of all that Alaska has to offer. Aside from the wildlife, wilderness lodges, canoeing, kayaking, and hiking, you can find lots more things to do in Alaska. A popular activity for many on an Alaska vacation includes a visit to the pubs in Alaska,s small towns. Here you can enjoy a conversation with the locals, and learn where to find sled dog adventures or hidden mountain trails that only the locals are familiar with. You can also take a small ship or boat for sightseeing, fishing, or exploring the waters of the North Pacific, where you'll see humpback whales, Dall porpoise, sea lions, otters, and more. Alaska offers nature and adventure - tap the wonders of this "folly" and experience the true definition of an adventure vacation.

Other activities include Alaska ski, snowboard, and snowshoe trails. There are hundreds of ski trails and challenging backcountry terrain. Snowmobile tours are another popular adventure in Mat-Su Valley, Alaska. There are Alaska snowmobile guides that are expert riders. If you like hiking, there are also physically challenging mountain hikes and nature trails to explore. There are Alaska adventure vacations available at affordable prices. For Alaska premier tours and trips, look at: http:www.alaska-adventure-travel-vacation.com/. This is a full service Alaska adventure travel agency.

Ice Climbing And Glacier Hiking Adventures

In Alaska, you can go ice climbing in the summertime. There are over 100,000 glaciers in Alaska. Ice climbers that are experienced and non-experienced with a guide will enjoy trekking on the Matanuska Glacier. It's one of the most accessible and “interactive” glaciers in Alaska. There's a step-by-step approach that ensures professional instruction in the art and technical aspects of rock climbing. The whole family can go ice climbing. You need to bring a daypack, sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, rain gear, warm fleece clothing, and lunch for an ice climbing adventure. http://micaguides.com/climbing.html

In Kennicott, Alaska, you can walk on a glacier. Local guiding companies offer safe and fully supervised day hikes. You'll be able to hike out onto the Root Glacier. You'll see moulins, pressure rides, blue water pools, and beautiful ice formations. St. Elias Alpine guides will give you a safe and full day glacier experience. These are certified and professional guides. The half-day hike starts with a walk down an old wagon road to the glaciers. The entire hike is said to be a leisurely walk that's suitable for all levels of expertise. The full-day glacier hike will introduce you to the basics of ice climbing. On an Alaskan hike, you can explore ice cliffs, see gorgeous waterfalls, and blue pools. Take your camera, so you can capture the stunning scenery.

Alaska Sea Kayaking And Scenic Rafting Adventures

Alaska adventure vacations also have sea kayaking adventures. Aialik Bay in Kenai Fjords National Park or Resurrection Bay is a wonderful sea kayaking location. On this sea kayaking adventure, you'll travel to a glacial paradise. You'll paddle in the midst of icebergs from a tidewater glacier that crashes to the sea in thunderous booms. You also see views of Alaska's coast, all kinds of wildlife, and towering glaciers. Aialik is famous for its diverse wildlife.

If you like to go water rafting, then taking an Alaska adventure vacation will give you the opportunity to have great water rafting fun. There is a Denali rafting adventure that will traverse the eastern boundary of Denali National Park. The whitewater on the Nenana River has two sections. One is a class11 scenic mild-water raft trip, and the other is the 111/1V whitewater raft trip. Denali Outdoor Center has towing options, paddle rafts, and oar rafts in an Alaskan mountain setting. In an oar raft, the guide rows while you hang on for an exhilarating ride. For more information on kayaking and whitewater rafting, visit: http://www.alaskakayak.com/index.php. There are hundreds of places in Alaska to go whitewater rafting, with options for the novice and the expert paddler.

Sled Dog Adventure Vacations

Take a sled dog adventure vacation in Alaska. You'll be able to mush your own team of friendly Iditarod seasoned sled dogs along ancient Eskimo trails. The lodge based sledding adventure is along the shores of the Golsovia River. It's nestled between the Norton Sound and the foothills of the South River mountains. This is an ideal place for Alaska dog sledding on your Alaska adventure vacation. http://alaskadogsledding.com/

Alaska Brook Range has dog sledding tours. Stand behind a dog sled and cross frozen ponds and go through winding river valleys. There are many groomed trails around the main lodge where you can dog sled and enjoy other activities such as snowshoeing and skiing. www.realadventures.com You also may enjoy a dog sled adventure vacation in the village of Tanana. You get to Tanana by a regular scheduled mailplane from Fairbanks, Alaska. When you arrive in Tanana, you will be taught to drive your own team of dog sleds around the village. There are many places in Alaska where you can take a sled dog adventure vacation. www.alaskbestwilderness.com/dog_sled_adventures.html

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